Veterinary Animal Wellness Care in Prairieville, LA

Taking Care of Your Animals Health and Wellbeing in Prairieville, LA and surrounding areas.

Veterinary Animal Wellness Care in Prairieville, LA

Taking Care of Your Animals Health and Wellbeing in Prairieville, LA and surrounding areas.

Compassionate Veterinary Animal Wellness Care

Prairieville Animal Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary Animal Wellness Care in Prairieville, LA. Our team of experienced veterinarians is committed to providing quality medical care and compassionate service for all animals. We specialize in preventive health care and helping pets stay healthy with routine Vaccinations, Physical Exams, spaying/neutering, Dental Care, Nutritional Counseling, and much more.

At Prairieville Animal Hospital, we understand the significant role of preventive health care for your beloved pets. Our wide range of services is designed to ensure that your furry companions maintain optimal health and happiness. From routine vaccinations and thorough physical exams to spaying/neutering and comprehensive dental care, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pets. In addition, our team offers valuable nutritional counseling to support your pets’ well-being through a healthy diet and lifestyle. We take immense pride in delivering exceptional care to animals of all sizes, and our experienced veterinarians are fully equipped to address any medical needs your pets may have, always approaching them with the utmost care and compassion.

Creating a welcoming and stress-free environment for your pets is our top priority. We strive to ensure that they feel comfortable and at ease during their visit with us. Choose Prairieville Animal Hospital for all your veterinary animal wellness care needs. With our comprehensive services and dedicated team, we are confident that your pets will receive the best possible care. Visit us today and discover why we are the top choice for pet owners in Prairieville, LA. Your pets will surely thank you for it!

Veterinary Animal Wellness Care in Prairieville, LA



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At Prairieville Animal Hospital, we know that your pets are family. With our care, they're part of our family too. We provide your pets with all of the healthcare and treatments they need to lead a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. 

Our doctors have a combined experience of over twenty-five years, and our entire staff has the compassion and understanding to handle any situation. We have an excellent staff, state-of-the-art equipment, beautiful facilities, and personalized service. Please browse our website to learn more about Prairieville Animal Hospital and the services offered.

To learn more about Prairieville Animal Hospital, be sure to visit the About Us page!

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andrea granera
April 18, 2022.
Everyone is so nice and patient. This is my first puppy and I feel that she is in good hands when we come to Prairieville Animal Hospital. Very clean environment and they give great tips for new dog owners!
Patricia Bourg
February 23, 2022.
Excellent Dr.- Staff very helpful.
Fishman Hype
February 12, 2022.
I had an emergency on my baby. She had a loose tooth and was up all night and wouldn't sleep. Knowing this I knew I had to fast her in case of surgery so I did a walk in the next morning and transfer my records from another Veterinarian office. Not only were they compassionate to Rita's needs, they quickly got her into surgery the same day. They truly care about their patients. I have no words that can express my gratitude. Rita will be coming here from now on for all her care. Thank you so much Dr. Procell and RVT Drew.
Rebecca Savage
December 30, 2021.
Love our Dr :) my babies are very well taken care of there
Rhonda Courtney
December 24, 2021.
Very clean facility with thoughtful doctors. My puppy broke his leg in two places and had to have three pins placed. I was so concerned but he was treated well and is walking around like it never happened.
Regan Hounshell
December 6, 2021.
Wonderful Wonderful vet. Can't think of a better place to take your pets.

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